• We believe that each person is unique and precious. A life may be jostled, devastated, even traded. Dignity and human rights may be shattered, but a person still has immense value in our eyes and in the eyes of God ! Most victims of human trafficking are forced to sell their bodies, whereas others have suffered severe abuse that has pushed them onto the streets. The street is never a real choice !


    The street can never bring happiness. The street destroys and robs a person of her/his innocence, and of the desire to live. It’s never a question of « easy money », but of an extremely high price to pay. Violence and fear are daily « companions » …

  • About us

    We are women, men, both young and older, deeply touched by the plight of people forced into prostitution.


    We have been trained to truly meet these people; to listen attentively to both their words and their hearts.


    This is much more than a humanitarian action. It’s coming close to and appreciating a person for who she/he is, and not for what she/he does.

  • actions

    On the street

    • By day and by night, in and outside cities, we meet with more than 195 people. The majority are women, but we also know a number of transsexuals.
    • We meet with each person, as and where she/he is ; with respect for personal convictions and expectations.
    • We offer prayer towards healing of damaged emotions, for those who desire to be accompanied.

    Off the street

    • We accompany women and men who are in the process of reconstruction as they leave the street. Working on the street results in severe physical and psychological trauma.
    • We accompany young, isolated mothers.
    • We organize celebrations ( birthday parties, Christmas parties …) as well as cooking classes where people can be valued through sharing a part of their culture.
    • Thanks to gifts received, Hope and Joy also, at times, finances reinsertion projects,
      school fees, driving licences,  …
    • We have the great joy of experiencing baptisms and child presentations within the church.


    • Human trafficking and sexual slavery are realities still ignored by many.
    • The victims are numerous ; 40.000 in France , sold for 3M euros.
    • The victims suffer from a « triple penalty » :

    - They’re deceived and sold in their home country.


    - They suffer abuse and are forced to work on the street in a foreign country.


    - They are judged and even ignored by the vast majority.



    26 volunteers


    12500 km driven per year


    65 outreaches by night and et 86 outreaches by day


    195 people encountered


    15 conferences concerning human trafficking organized


    5 cities in focus : Avignon, Béziers, Montpellier, Nîmes, Jonquera (Spain)


    If you wish to contact us, please see below. We would love to hear from you !